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The only solution is to replace the graphics card with one that can support the optimal resolution of the monitor, or, connect via VGA. Or just settle for x as the best compromise for this monitor. It has actually – and it’s running XP Home. I didn’t re-read PowerStrip’s “Custom resolution primer”: It was also seen on Intel motherboards, as recently as , and was still used in for server motherboards. It should take any low profile AGP 4x card Ant suggestions – the most recent drivers I could find for it were a Radeon

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Thu Mar 25, 9: It should take any low profile AGP 4x card Ant suggestions – the most recent drivers I could find for it were a Radeon Current technologies and software. Ppro refresh area is greyed out.

I didn’t re-read PowerStrip’s “Custom resolution primer”: Her old CRT has packed in and she’s bought a 19″ samsung LCD to replace it but the ATI Rage doesn’t support the panel’s native x resolution – apparently the drivers predate widescreens.

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The punchline is this: I’ve tried a search, I’ve edited the registry, I just cannot figure out or remember what I did before. It has actually – and it’s running XP Home.


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It doesn’t need to autostart with windows either it makes a driver. Views Read Edit View history. Prl start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. If it’s already XP, either she’s not patched to date including Flash, which shipped version 6 with XP or she’s having a horrid user experience.

Mac compatible cards on eBay can be found Here. Don’t suppose you can test at x? Be careful if you go that route.

Widescreen resolutions with Radeon 7000?

I’m an old fan of PowerStrip. Only, it won’t enable it. I’d need to swap in a newer low-profile AGP card. Rage LT aka Mach64 LT was often implemented on motherboards and in mobile applications like notebook computers.

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No go, I guess it just can’t be done I might try installing older drivers, the ones I have are from AMD and are marked “beta”, if I can find them with some assurance that they would be worth trying.

If sti have no plans for using OS X Or just swap the widescreen monitor with a 4: Oh, it said it was going to add it in, but the option didn’t become available. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


December 29, Mac identifies ATI Rage pro video card. First, yes it did allow 32bit graphics. I don’t want to spend much on the video card.


Jan 21, Posts: Might be worth checking if you have the latest drivers for your existing card, which appear to be these: If a simple registry patch will work, I’d like to give it a try first before installing something extra. I just don’t remember what I used.

But I wonder if the higher resolution x is the same aspect ratio as x, can the card be told somehow to run at the lower one without a new driver? No software or driver update will help with this problem.