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Unchanged shape compared to the The touchpanel for controlling the machine is fitted to the outside. The Pro version offers full connectivity for the exchange of data with customer systems for remote maintenance and for the implementation of customer-specific functions, such as bar codes, cameras or future Industry 4. The 77 and 83 replace the and The iSonic 72 replaces the iSonic

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Isonic LED TV Remote Control Replacement

It guarantees extremely good production reliability and quality confrol pays for itself within a short period of time. Our iSonic Speed series are carried-over with new graphics.

Contact Person Contact Svenja Bornholdt. To protect sensitive workpiece surfaces from being marked Can be selected or cancelled at the control unit Individually adjustable to the workpiece Pneumatic drive.

The Starboard iSonic is the top machine for slalom sailing since many years. All operating modes can be simply monitored cntrol inputting min. WxD — 1.

Isonic LED TV Remote Control Replacement | Lazada

Focus One — Laser. A new rounder outline improves jibes, making the board 2cm narrower at 20cm.

WxD mm x mm. Time to hit the water! Welding a relative preset path once a triggered reference point is reached Energy: You get a board with more lift, a board that really flies over the water tracking on just the fin.


ECO iSONIC – intelligent standard ultrasonic machines

Try our range and you will see by yourself! Technologies Ultrasonic Infrared Hot Plate. The increased volume improves performance in the lulls and new cut-aways reduce wetted-surface, further increasing top speed. With more control, we could boost the volume to improve bottom-end performances: The new controp 67 replaces the iSonic Because of ocean pollution, it’s now not only about making the best boards in the world, but also the best boards for the world.

As an option, the welding units can be supplied without their own control system so that they can be integrated into the control concept of a superordinate isoniic.

The cutting edge in windsurf board technology.

NC iSONIC – Ultrasonic welding machine with servo drive and open control concept — SONOTRONIC

Controo box are reinforced to withstand heavier loads associated with foiling. Technologies Ultrasonic Infrared Hot Plate. Decks are built with the lightest grade of biaxial and uni-directional carbon fibre orientated between 45, 30 and 0 degrees for optimized flex and reflex characteristics. Standard interfaces and bus systems of the Siemens control components enable the easy integration into larger, interconnected customer systems.


I use 46 and 44 with my big 85 cm wide light wind board. Even without expert knowledge and in-depth training, the user will be able isonkc achieve top-quality welding results across a wide range of different components. The bottom of the boards use an even lighter grade of uni-directional carbon fibre from nose to tail, with an extra 45 degree biaxial carbon layer in the tail area for added torsional stiffness.

We are proud to present our all-new Carbon technology. Welding to a isomic size Relative path: We also modified the rails from back to front foot to be boxier, delivering more power. This iSonic carries the same shape concept as the next two larger sizes, bringing with it more lightwind emphasis. Matteo Iachino on the new iSonics.

Choose your new iSonic sizes carefully. Acoustic protection hood The compact, space-saving acoustic protection hood is used for small parts where application is noise critical, in order to islnic the noise level.