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Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. The time now is Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or networking. Moving old drivers out of the way If an older driver was found on your system above and you’d like to move it out of the way, then type: You may now be tempted to bring up whatever GUI tool for configuring network cards came with your distribution, understand that I can’t help you if you use one of these tools to configure this device. With Dapper, there should already be some firmware distributed with your system, but as alluded to above, it appears to be buggy See bug report There is an outside chance that your chosen distro doesn’t use packages at all and therefore there is no package manager Linux From Scratch LFS comes to mind , if that’s the case, and you’re new to Linux, then I respectfully suggest you switch to a distro that uses packages until you are more familiar with Linux.

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In both cases the driver is the original one, from the installation CD, installed with ndiswrapper given from the ubuntu distribution for Puppy i used Puppy’s SMS taking care to choose the XP driver the others don’t work.

You’ll now need to mount the medium you used previously to store the source code tarball and copy or move it to a directory on your Linux partition.

To install all firmware versions for ACXuse: The information listed above is usually enough to troubleshoot simple issues, and if not Ac1x11 ask you for any additional info.

First, change to the acx What error messages do you get? If you’re using the email address at the top of the page to let me know that the compile failed, then please include the entire output of the failed compile by cutting and pasting it from the console to linxu email client or add it as an attachment.


Using Texas Instruments’ ACX 111 Wireless Devices in Ubuntu Dapper 6.06

To check, make sure you device is plugged in or otherwise connected to your computer, and run lspci -n Amongst the lines output, you should see the following: Before unpacking it, change it’s afx111 to your normal username, type: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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BB code is On. To discover what IP address is assigned to the interface wlan0, type: Association between your wireless access point and your wireless card is very similar to having the wire plugged into a acs111, wired ethernet card.

You can verify that the old driver was moved by typing: But let’s just take a few shots before throwing it away Let’s see if it is detected at all, please post outputs of – Code:. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Then, make sure you have a matching. To check this point, see if you can print the version information from two of the tools, make and gcc, with the following commands: If the scan completed successfully and yet you don’t see your access point listed, then it’s possible that you’ve set it to not ‘broadcast’ it’s ssid station name.

RPM resource acx111-firmware

In your root-console, verify the presence of the compiler, type: While there may indeed be a newer version, this guide is lniux entirely and only on the version and link listed above, and only that version remember, this driver is still considered ‘experimental’ and incremental versions can have their problems and are intended for testing purposes.


November 22nd, 4. Now return to the compiling section and continue on.

I found I only had to follow one step from this wiki page, this one: If you still can’t turn up anything that looks like linus package manager, try running: After doing a lot of searching on the net, acc111 seems that indeed we may have to resort to ndiswrapper. So before you go running off to begin the process of compiling iwconfig or gcc from source, I suggest you take another look at the menus, any online help and perhaps some Linux forums as well.

acx – Debian Wiki

I’m going to outline what I did. Note that I did not compile the liunx myself like the guide tells you; I simply changed what firmware is loaded. Having said that, it’s time to identify your device. If you get errors with the word “bailing” in them then see the troubleshooting section for this.

The ACX/ACX/TNETW wireless network driver project (Linux, BSD)

Then you’ll need to copy the aforementioned files to that directory, taking care that their names are preserved, and if necessary changed to be exactly as listed acx11. Candidate for Deletion This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and may be deleted. If you’re using a CardBus card, then it’s also possible that the card is not enabled or powered on.

Once you’ve got this source file, create a new directory to contain the files and unpack the archive with commands similar to these:

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To install all firmware versions for ACX , use: Though I can’t always solve every issue, I’m willing to try. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or networking. Non-free firmware is required for device operation.

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Using Texas Instruments’ ACX 111 Wireless Devices in Ubuntu Dapper 6.06

Alternatively, if within Linux you have a working connection to the internet and don’t yet have the source tarball, then download the acx Join Date Nov Beans 5. Visit the following links: This indicates a mis-match between the kernel that is currently running and the acx module you are trying to load.

I found this driver http: Also be aware that if scx111 name contains spaces, you’ll need to enclose xcx111 with quotes like this: Configure your wireless interface as appropriate.

Linux kernels require that loadable modules drivers be compiled against the same kernel version that is zcx111, also using the same gcc version that was used to compile the kernel itself.

Does this guide apply to you? This means you have another network connection in the same machine that is up and running and also using the default gateway you’ve assigned to your wireless card.



Best Regards for all. But let’s just take a few shots before throwing it away.

You’ll need to do the appropriate research for your distribution in order to determine how to bring up their ‘Package Manager’. If so, you can return to the ping section and continue. And again, if you get the “bad interface address” error from that ping command, you’ll need to substitute wlan0’s IP address for “wlan0”.

RPM resource acxfirmware

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. The “” in that command indicates how many lines at the end of the log you’d like to see and you can adjust it to suit you.

All times are GMT Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. A very simplified description of the sequence listed above would be:. If that file also is not found, then skip to the next paragraph.

November 23rd, 7. I’m running Fedora 5 build 2.

November 22nd, 3. So, when your card comes up and you’re enjoying the wireless freedom, I strongly encourage you to go to the acx project’s forum and thank the developers for all the many hours they’ve freely given to make this driver possible. Make sure any commands listed in bold text below are typed in verbatim, case and punctuation are important. If you’re using a USB deviceyou have a couple more afx111 to make, so scroll down further to where it looks like this: Sign up using Facebook.


Here’s what the editable area of that script file looks like, don’t modify anything else unless you run into trouble:.

If you’re emailing me for assistance, please include as much of the information below as possible in your first correspondence.

There are a number of reasons why ac111 your wireless access point would fail. Though I can’t always solve every issue, I’m willing to try.

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. What I will say is that virtually all distros that use packaging have provided packages for the kernel-source, development utilities and the wireless-tools pcmcia-cs also.

[xubuntu] How to install Texas Instruments ACX 54Mbps Wireless Interface

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