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You should be able to port anything to your chip. In the case of the AM35x platform the configuration is:. The MCP driver is already in the kernel. A new patch is in process, see the forum above to check the last patch. The standard MCPx has some drawbacks with kernel 3. It has a rather obvious to me problem, which is similar, but worse than the one I warned about here:

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Allow pass IRQ flags through platform For initially writing these sysctl entries after loading the driver or at any time a shell script utility does exist. Then there is a problem with the interrupt signal from the MCPx chip back to the driver.

How to configure and use CAN bus

For this applications, a stripped-down version exists. Views Read View source View history.

The titles of the following sections are text that gets displayed when a problem occurs. It is possible to do it directly without using a temporary build directory, but this method has the advantage of being possible on a remote machine, and to allow easier save of the binary generated simply archive this directory if you need to give it to someone else. The Third message will then go into Buffer kinux, and on the next interrupt it will read the third message out of Buffer 0 and then the second one out linuxx Buffer 1.


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Care has to be taken not to use the Linux SPI driver at the same time. It uses the same programming interface but does the most configurations at compile time. CAN bus is a communication protocol used mainly in cars and some industrial products. At the time of writing, the current kernel trunk version is 3.

Each section describes mmcp2515 to resolve the issue.

linux DRIVER of mcp | Microchip

For others it does. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? You first read the interrupt status register, interpret the data, then read the buffer again via SPI This page was last edited on 22 Juneat The following instructions present all steps requiered to build a kernel with the correct modules, and some useful commands to use it.

The Liinux kernel doesn’t come with modules needed, so the kernel must be compiled from source. It was possible to use different kinds of boards at the same time. Then compile the kernel. A new patch is in process, see the forum above to mfp2515 the last patch. This can4linux version isn’t supported anymore! The MCP can work for low traffic applications reasonably well, but it is not a brilliant idea to go lihux this thing.


Essentials Only Full Version. The MCP driver is already in the kernel.

You most likely will be polling which is not preferred for high-performance strategies. The standard MCPx has some drawbacks with kernel 3.


Working with the CAN bus requires enabling the ‘ip’ tools from iproute2 package the ‘ip’ tool from busybox won’t work. Cmp2515 version of can4linux currently available at SourceForge http: Refer to the Raspberry Pi forum, for latest discussions on this point: Instead the new version has to be compiled for the target hardware.

For some applications this doesn’t matter. My can controller is mcp, SOC is s3c, and based on linux kernel version is linuc.

Which indicates GPIO mc2p515 configure as an in put, currently has a hi gh logic level, is mapped to IRQand causes an interrupt on the falling edge. It is usually necessary to change the device access rights set by udev.